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Welcome to Hawd and Reserve Democratic Council of Ethiopia

Without Reform Ethiopia Risks a Deepening Crisis

Without Reform Ethiopia Risks a Deepening Crisis


By Agence France Press, Adddis Ababa


Ethiopia Prime Minister meets with Somaliland President

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has conferred today with a delegation led by a Somaliland President


Somaliland:Ministry of Foreign Affairs a warm welcome to Chinese Ambassador i

Hargeisa, 30 October, 2016 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials gave a warm welcome to the Chinese Ambassador 


Ethiopia’s State of Emergency Will End but A Luta Continua

By the Strathink Editorial Team

The Ethiopian Government has declared a “state of emergency” following a series of protests that have rocked the country to its core. Disenchantment with the government, high rates of unemployment, rising costs of living and the absence of a platform for 


Our Common Future: A Proposal Seeking the Next Breakthrough in Democracy and Multinational Federation in Ethiopia

The Editorial comment: This weekend in Diaspora , the diehard setters and the narrow nationalists have had a conference to take over the power seat in Ethiopia. The conference held in Washington DC  was participated by the former Derg  and Haile Sillasie official  and intellectuals who view Ethiopia in the lens of unitary state. On the other hand, Oromo elites held a conference in London to voice their concern on the identity of Oromoness  and the question of self-determination. Additionally, ODF has released the following proposal to play with words. For example , they distanced themsevelces from self-determination and other concepts  and instead a coined a notion self -idenitifcation etc. Please  read the entire proposal to make up your own judgment. Further, this is the time that the people of Somalis, Gambelas, Afar  and Benshagul to name a few will wake up and raise their voices so that we show that we are the decision makers  and  not watchers of power makings. The achiement of economic growth on the ground will not be ignored. 

An Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) Proposal

October 24, 2016

Ethiopia stands at a crossroads, once again. But this time the prospects facing it are much more starkly contrasting than during past instances of change. If it is put on one course of change, 


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