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Hawd April 11 Local Ethiopian Somali Community in Dire Dawa City Expresses Resolve to Back Up National Development Program

The community in Dire Dawa City, Ethiopia, said that they would strengthen efforts to back up national development program and set up a committee that will enhance and look after the well being of their people.

The community in its meeting that was held on April 8 focusing on the objective situation in the overall situation of their people in Somali region and current tasks of the Ethiopian Somali people, expressed confidence that external conspiracy had not a reinforcing effect in the history of the Ethiopia Somali people.

The report added that the recent conference of Sheikhal in Dire Dawa has given a hope that the Federal government is focusing more on the democratic, good governance and inclusiveness in Somali Region. The Federal official who participated in the meeting expressed that they have paid particular attention to the atrocity and looting that the Liyu Police have been inflicting on the Somali people in Somali Region. The game of ONLF, Liyu Police and corrupted official in Somali region will be looked diligently and soberly in the coming weeks.

The community members, who said that no one would stop them from participating in the national development program, voiced resolve that they would work hard to facilitate the inevitable failure of anti-Ethiopian agendas and promote the right image of Ethiopia and its people, and above all the nation's influential role in ensuring peace in the East African region.

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