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Home The News Ethiopia reveals economic, political integration plan with Djibouti

Ethiopia reveals economic, political integration plan with Djibouti

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The Ethiopian foreign affairs ministry has said that a recent agreement to provide land and water to Djibouti is part of a larger strategic integration plan aimed at unifying the two countries politically and economically.

The website reported a press briefing with local journalists on 25 June during which the Ethiopian Ambassador Dina Mufti, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reportedly said, "During the 12th Ethiopia-Djibouti Joint Commission regular meeting, the two countries discussed ways to speed up the strategic integration plan."

Answering a question on how Ethiopia would benefit from giving free land to Djibouti for water excavation, Ambassador Mufti said, "The agreement to give land to Djibouti freely was part of the strategic integration plan."

Ambassador Mufti said "The aim of the strategic integration plan is to bring about political unification..." and that the land given to Djibouti freely for water excavation constitutes "preferential treatment" to the people of Djibouti.

Ambassador Dina further elaborated on the plan saying: "You cannot annex a sovereign country by force and incorporate it in to your territory the way it was done during the imperial time. It will not be far for people of Djibouti to join with their former homeland voluntarily."

Ambassador Mufti told the journalists to "see Djibouti as part of Ethiopia".

He further reportedly said "Djibouti being a small country with a small population its overall interest can only be safeguarded if it joins Ethiopia economically and politically."

Source: The Reporter website, Addis Ababa, in Amharic 25 Jun 14


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